Saturday, March 2, 2013

Art and Poetry

Oh, wow. I can't believe it's been so many days since I last posted! The week hasn't been too bad. Meeting Ellie went beautifully. She's a sweet thing and I love seeing Lindsay and Kyle with her. And Autumn could hold Ellie all day! So cute. I think one thing that helped is that Lindsay wasn't at Baptist Women's so I didn't have that queasy feeling that I got there even before Garrett passed away. My friend who is due in June is having her baby where Lindsay had Ellie so that will be an easy visit, too!

It's been a weird week because Mike was out of town 7 of the last 10 days. I know a lot of my friends have traveling spouses but Mike's never been much of a traveler so this might be the longest we've been apart except for the time I trained in Atlanta. We missed him a lot! But, we used Google Hangout every day which was pretty fun. And we sent Mike a lot of pictures, including this one of Autumn trying to eat the flurries that fell Friday afternoon and most of today. No accumulation. :(

I've kept pretty busy but probably not doing the things I really need to be doing--like putting away laundry. I recovered one of our ottomans. I will do the other one and then post about it. I'm pleased with how the first one turned out! I hope it wasn't beginner's luck because, seriously, it was so worth all the work. Here's a preview. Autumn likes tools so she hung out with me while I took the legs off the ottoman.

AND! I made my very first book cover! I contacted Ken O'Shaughnessy who did the poetry for our adoption and asked him if he'd let me try my hand and making some covers for him. He agreed! I had a great time learning new techniques and creating an image to go with his title. If you're interested in purchasing the album, by the way, you can click here. There's also a paperback and an ebook. I have, by the way, finally joined Amazon Affiliates so if you click that or any other Amazon links from here on, we get a small commission!

This is the back:
As always, click to embiggen.

I don't think I have posted it yet, but after we found out that Grant Jaden wasn't coming home with us, Ken wrote this poem...

Kenneth A O'Shaughnessy

O Lord, Thou didst not
Grant unto us our
Petition, O God!
And what have we now?
Arms that are empty,
Hearts that are broken,
Eyes full of weeping.
And what now dost we?
All that we canst do:
We return unto Thee,
The Giver of life,
The Mender of hearts,
The Drier of eyes.
For Thou also hast wept
For arms made empty,
For hearts pierced with swords,
For eyes that see naught
But Thy tear-streaked face.
And so we now ask,
Not that Thou wouldst now
Grant our petition,
But that Thou Thyself
Fill our empty arms
And our broken hearts
And our sightless eyes.
Grant us this, O Lord.

That says it all, doesn't it?


  1. Wow - what a beautiful psalm.

    1. It really is one of his best, I think! I want to put it into some kind of wall art and hang it.