Sunday, March 24, 2013

Good Links

I am SO READY for spring.

I have a pinterest board called "Articles for Blogging." Sometimes I really do end up pulling out those articles and writing something to go along with them, but sometimes they just kind of hang out until I click through them to remember what they were! I thought I'd post a few here that seem to fit a theme. They may or may not come up again but at least I can clean up that board a little!

This one is called Letters to My Unborn Children: the Silent Grief of Miscarriage. I feel like I don't see a lot of writing by dads about infant loss--I think that's why Mike's post from Garrett's first birthday week is still one of the most popular posts on this blog. It's fascinating to imagine the blog writer's journey from feeling like that first loss was primarily his wife's loss because she is the one who dealt with the physical side to writing a book of letters. Someday I might read that book but, today, I don't think I can.

I've been a Design Sponge fan for years. Lately they have run a modern etiquette series and they covered bereavement this week. There are a lot of great tips on handling a friend or coworker's loss and I'd check out the comments, too. Some comment sections are cesspools (ahem, youtube), but DS commenters usually have good insight.

I came across this post through another blogger and I cannot remember who it was! It's called Confronting the lie: God won't give you more than you can handle. I know you've heard (read?) me say similar things as this pastor from the uselessness of platitudes to the fact that God can absolutely handle my questions. This section in particular shouts at me and I shout back "amen!":

Don’t hear me saying I am rejoicing because of the last couple of weeks. I am not. Not once have I danced around our house shouting, “Yeah suffering!” Instead, in the midst of pain and hurt, I am actively expecting God to do something. I don’t know what. I don’t know when. But I am expecting the God of resurrection to heal us. I am expecting God to restore us. I am expecting him to redeem this situation. I am expecting him to do this and so I will be actively looking and waiting for him to do something. I believe expectant waiting can only happen when we exchange our feeble platitudes for an authentic faith that engages God with the full brunt of our emotion and pain. Only then can salvation been seen.

But that exchange takes courage.


  1. Excellent. The last bit really spoke to me. I posted it on Facebook. :)

  2. Guys unfortunately often have nowhere to go to talk about the issues surrounding child loss, especially in the case of miscarriage. After my wife's first miscarriage (of 3 in a row), I underwent a (for me) severe depression, and had no idea what it was for weeks. I didn't know any other guys that had gone through an experience like it at the time - or, more likely, I probably did, but in that culture we didn't talk about it. I didn't have a good way to approach it until I began to go to a church that had prayers and services to go along with the remembrance of the child, not just the event. It was after this that I was able to write, after about 4 years, this speech:

    1. I actually have that pinned in my articles to blog board. I can't remember when I came across it...I think you might have linked it some time ago.