Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Heart of Memphis

Heads up on a great event happening this weekend here in Memphis! Check out the Heart of Memphis at Tiger Lane, this Saturday 10am to 5pm. If you aren't local, please pray for this event and for our city--the same day as the Heart of Memphis, the KKK will rally downtown. If you are local, please, please come and support diversity and support the goodness in our city.

When our pastor Bryan Loritts mentioned the event on Sunday, I loved how he put it. If you click on the word Sunday, you can hear what he says yourself and it's right at the beginning but here's a bit of it. Excuse my transcribing--I didn't get all of it because he talks some about his kids, and it's great stuff, but I really wanted to highlight what he says about Memphis and the KKK:

They are no one to be feared. They call themselves a movement; they are not a movement. Here's what I hate about it. What I hate is how the world views Memphis. It's like the world took a photograph of Memphis dated April 4, 1968 [the assassination of Dr. King] and they won't let us live past it. I'm not worried about the KKK. We're trying to say we changed; we are not that. The mayor's office has decided, at the same time at Tiger Lane, to put together an event designed to say we are not that over there, we are this over here. New narrative, new chapter, new story being written. They think that what we are doing as a church is instrumental to the new narrative God is writing in this city. This is an opportunity to be on the solution side of things.

The work that our church is doing, I believe, is simply (well, not so simply) existing. We are one of the few multi-racial, multi-ethnic congregations in Memphis. It's one reason we attend Fellowship. I will never forget the something a pastor of the church that we went to when we were first married said to me. He said that you can't mix races unless the economic situation is the same. And you can't mix people of different economics unless the race is the same. And, maybe this isn't important to some people, but it is to me. Because first of all, if that's not possible, Mike and I should be miserable. I'm from a poor, asian background. He's from a privileged white background. And second, most importantly, if Jesus can't bridge the gaps between money, culture, and race, then He's not who I thought He was. And it's impossible. Tell me that it isn't your mission. Tell me God hasn't put that particular mission on your heart. But don't tell me that Jesus can't build love and bonds between people who are different.

Let me know if you're going and when. We'd love to see you. Right now I'm not sure what time we'll be there. I was kind of thinking about having lunch there (food trucks, yay!) but Bryan speaks at 3:30 and I'd like to be there for that. So we'll see! Please, I know this weekend is packed with Easter happenings but come, show the world the good in our city! If you aren't local or can't come, please, pray!

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