Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Early Monday morning we had some crazy weather. There was this HUGE clap of thunder about 4am that literally had me up and flailing about like I was about to fight someone, that's how loud and startling it was!

It reminded me of this one time a few years ago, back when we coslept with Autumn. Mike and I went the attachment parenting route with Autumn, not so much because we have an ideology or anything about it but because it's what we had to do to not go crazy! That child lived in a moby wrap. As soon as she was bigger than, say, a football, we put her in bed with us because we desperately needed to sleep. The world didn't end and it wasn't anything magical but we got some sleep!

Eventually, she got too kicky in her sleep and we put her into her converted crib. Now that was magic. She would never sleep in a crib or a playpen but she slept fine in a toddler bed. She doesn't like walls closing in on her? Who knows. Either way, we got so much criticism from people who thought we were too touchy feeling and others who thought we weren't lovey enough that my number 1 piece of advice to new moms was born: do what you have to do to not go insane and, if necessary, lie. Is my baby sleeping all night? YES. Does she keep me up all night? Oh, she's great. Because I don't want your lecture about all the things I am doing wrong. Ha! Of course, I welcome advice from some friends and most family but strangers (including the one who tried to lecture me about hard top sippy cups--I listened to her rant, held up Autumn's cup, flicked the STRAW and walked away) can go away.

Back to the sleeping--our cat used to occasionally walk along our headboard no matter what we did to try to stop her. She doesn't do this with our current bed which has a bookcase headboard that is easily walkable. Cats. One night when Autumn was in bed between us, Molly totally fell down. Claws first. I threw myself over Autumn, and reared out of bed ready to fight. When I realized what was happening I laughed so hard at myself. But it turns out I did a good thing. My tackle ended up shoving Molly off course. I had a scratch on my face and after we woke up, I discovered a hole in the pillow!!

Other than talking and fighting in my sleep, I've never done anything too crazy. Mike hasn't done this in a long time, but he used to to weird things in his sleep. Once, not long after we got married, I woke up to find Mike standing by the bed with his hands waving about in the air.

Me: What are you doing?

Mike: I'm changing Mawmaw's Christmas lights.

Me:'re what?

Mike: throws himself back in bed in a huff. I AM CHANGING MAWMAW'S CHRISTMAS LIGHTS.

When I brought it up the next morning, he didn't believe me. And then he was quiet for a moment and says, "you know. Now that I think about it, I seem to remember being really frustrated that it wasn't obvious what I was doing." Ha!

What about you? Do you do crazy things in your sleep? Maybe ninja rolling into the closet? Or punching your wife accidentally? All stories from other friends of ours!


  1. Is MawMaw his other grandmother? The not-Nanny?

    This made me snicker, btw.

    1. Yup! She was Mike's dad's mother. Both of Pd's parents passed away before Autumn was born.