Thursday, April 4, 2013


This was me yesterday:

Seriously, I cleaned the WHOLE HOUSE; rearranged the living room;

finally finished Mike's art wall;

and hung the painting (the one on the right--I already had the one on the left) I bought at Heart of Memphis which, by the way, went very well.

I'm not sure what was responsible for my burst of productivity! I guess it was partly because Wednesday is my morning workout. BUT I think the herbs my acupuncturist friend gave me might be partially responsible, too! It all started with this series of Easter photos. When I went through them Sunday night, I thought, holy cow, my neck is looking worse! (click here for the background on all that) I emailed Chuck and told him about about my Endocrine Clinic saga. Basically, the doctors ran every test possible and found nothing abnormal except for a swollen thyroid. Chuck said that since I've done all the testing to come by and he'd look me over and give me some herbs that will probably help.

I went in Tuesday and it wasn't my imagination that I had some major swelling. So, a consult, a bottle of herbs and a bag of herbs later, here I am. I started taking everything Tuesday. The bagged herbs aren't, happily, the worst tasting thing Chuck has ever given me! I think the morning sickness herbs were worse, but that may have been because I had epic morning sickness and pretty much everything was gross.

Chuck also told me to take some pictures of my neck for comparison purposes. And I was all "sure! no problem!" Wrong! Taking pictures of my own neck was hard. But, I think I got some decent ones. This one, for example, really shows the sides of the swelling. As a side note, I have always wished I had a smooth neck without all the wrinkles. :P But my mom has them so I guess it's genetic. Isn't that a silly thing to be all self conscious about?

So. Goiter is such a gross word, haha. So have a palate cleanser:


  1. Goiter is an ugly word but you are beautiful!
    Your thyroid looks 2 to 3 times larger than average size mainly due to large lobes

    1. Thank you! And, there's been a lot of improvement with the goiter with some acupuncture! I've been bad about taking the herbs lately but with school starting, hopefully I can get back to the acupuncture/herb regimen.