Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wednesday Gym Adventures

We belong to our community gym. I've mentioned the gym more than once here, I did my personal training there and I take some fitness classes from a couple of instructors I like a lot. My Facebook friends have gotten to hear about the craziness that goes on there but I just realized I've never really talked about it on the blog! Oh, man. I love all the characters. Someday I'll tell you about the knitting yakuza lady...ok, so maybe she isn't a former yakuza member but I have the best storyline in my head about her because, seriously, she's awesome. Like, in her 60s and works out in yoga pants and a sports bra!! I love it! I pretend she knits before class to keep her hands busy. That way her old assassin ways don't suddenly take over her muscles.

Ahem. Anyway, a couple of months ago, I had a rough morning. It was walk to school Wednesday so Autumn and I walked the whole way instead of part of the way like we usually do. There was this overzealous PTA mom at the crosswalk who stopped us--even though we already stopped because the crossing guard had the traffic going. Then, the mom started telling us all about how the crosswalk works! I mean, really! I let her go on a bit and tried to stop her with, "we do this every morning, we know" and a smile. It didn't work. She kept on going. And going. And going. HOW MANY CROSSWALK INSTRUCTIONS CAN THERE BE?? Finally, I leaned over to catch her eye, she was at that point talking to Autumn, and said, "I am her mother. We can handle the crosswalk. Like we do every. morning." She backed off and then some more kids came up and she started telling them all about how the crosswalk works.

No makeup, standing next to Autumn. You'd think people have never seen a short person.
Then, in the line where they sign in as walkers, a mom came up to me and said, "aww, what a nice big sister to walk her little sister to school." OMG. One, how about not talking about me in third person. And two, "I would be her mother." It was far to early for this. Besides, if I were a teenager, the local high school starts at like 7am! There's no way my parents would have let me skip school to walk a sibling somewhere.

So. Rough morning. Class was great that day, though. Afterward is when it got weird. This elderly woman came up to me after class. She was one of the zumba people--they like to come in as soon as our class is over and stand in their spots which is fine but it makes it hard to put away equipment when they are on top of my stuff! This elderly (emphasis on elderly) woman asked me, "Honey, should you be in here?"

I AM A GROWNUP, DANGIT. Also, Autumn took this photo. Not bad!

At this point, my head was about to explode.

I closed my eyes and very patiently said, "Ma'am, I assure you. I am an adult."

She said, "No, that's not what I meant, you're just so tiny and this teacher is such a drill instructor."

I burst out laughing and told her that I love the class and that I am totally fine.

But the thing is, every week since then? She's come to check on me to make sure I survived. I mean, she's genuinely worried! Lately, she's been asking me if I need help putting away my weights! I promise you, my weights probably weigh more than she does! The instructor saw her offering to help me and was dying of laughter because, seriously, this lady is soo frail looking that I am afraid she might break a hip in Zumba!

For a second, I wondered if I was hypocritical by thinking she could break a hip in Zumba when I'm a little amused and irritated that she thinks I'm too frail to do my class, but, really, keep in are some adjectives my husband has used to describe me: sturdy (I AM NOT FURNITURE) and healthy as in, of a healthy size. There's another one but I can't remember what it was now but I've had a few talks with him about choosing his compliments better!

Tune in next week for more Wednesday Gym Adventures!


  1. My husband is guilty of describing me as "thick" and "healthy" in the same sentence. My mom had to explain to him that "healthy" was not used as a nice adjective in her/my auntie's social circles but more as a synonym for "fat". lol He still calls me thick, though! :P

    1. I told him to go with "shapely" or "athletic"!! Mike's issue is that he's thin and hates being thin. He'd love it if someone called him sturdy, LOL. But, I told him he'd like it more if they called him FIT. Or muscular.

  2. I would give my right arm to be mistaken for a teenager. Or carded. Anything. Love the stories - keep us posted!

    1. Ha! It's kind of nice to get carded when I'm dressed up and out or something but man it gets old to be mistaken for a kid...people can be so condescending. It's also tough when I need to be in a professional situation. If we're doing aikido, I can just throw someone really big but if I'm doing a conflict resolution workshop it can cause issues because people don't want to hear life lessons from a teen! I've started any talks now by listing my qualifications and, occasionally, my age. So glad the gym story went well--I have no idea why I haven't been writing about all the crazy gym stories!