Sunday, May 26, 2013

Brighten Your Day Giveaway: Best Video Ever

My mom is from the Philippines. My dad was caucasian and grew up here in Memphis. Whether or not I look Asian seems to be in the eye of the beholder. Our friend whose mother is from Japan calls it being a person of indeterminate origin. I've had people come up to me and talk to me in Tagalog, which I don't speak although I can recognize it. Incidentally, Autumn and I have been learning Tagalog using Mango software available through the local library! People thanked me in Chinese when I worked in a pharmacy owned by a first generation American. Occasionally, salespeople will talk to me really loudly: "HE-LLO. DO *YOU* (point) NEED *HELP* (gestures to racks) FROM *ME* (points to self)." A student once insisted I was the image of his aunt from Japan and there was NO WAY I wasn't Japanese.

My favorite conversation actually goes similarly to the video!

Person, usually in a situation where I need to be polite: Where are you from?
Me: Memphis
Person: But where are you from originally?
Me: Memphis
Person: Have you ever lived anywhere else?
Me: Texas
Person: Really? What's your nationality?
Me: SIGH. I am American. My mom was born in the Philippines.
Person: Ohhhhh. Do you speak Filipino?
Me: It's Tagalog. And no.

Occasionally someone will argue with me and tell me that it's Tag Along. I'm like, really? Number one, that's a girl scout cookie. And, two, you're really going to tell me I don't know what language my mom speaks?

Another strange thing is the assumption that I either know every person who is from the Philippines or that I would love anyone they know who is of filipino descent. I know it isn't malicious. But I've had friends call me because they met someone from Bacolod and we might be related. There are half a million people in Bacolod. That's like calling someone from Kansas City and telling them they met someone from Kansas City and OMG YOU MIGHT BE RELATED.  I mean, it's cool and random but the might be related thing is a little weird.

I've joked with a couple of friends that I met a white person and they MUST meet them because they are the same race. They usually have the same blank look as the dude in the video but I generally only do it to the ones who are like, "SHARAZE, I met this filipino doctor/housekeeper/mechanic/dog whisperer and you have to meet them because you are half-filipino!"

Ahh, I could go one. Like chopsticks. I had to learn how to use them, much to many people's shock. I always ate with a fork or with my hands growing up. Or something weird my mom does. People like to chalk it up to "cultural differences." Please. My mom is just crazy (insert required southern "bless her heart"). She left the Philippines when she was 19. She's 53. She's been here longer than she was there!

So, yeah. I LOVE THIS VIDEO. All my friends who don't look "American" or who have children adopted internationally or who immigrated here from other countries but consider themselves American are passing it around. I've watched it like 5 times. Be sure to watch all the way to the end! And don't read the YouTube comments. Let's maintain our faith in humanity this Sunday morning. :P

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