Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Brighten Your Day Giveaway: Lights Out Edition

A few of my Facebook friends posted the above video today. It's probably the best news story I've seen come out of Oklahoma since I first walked into Lindsay's house with Autumn and saw the rubble on the tv. It was yet another Bad Thing Autumn and I had to talk about. But, she prayed for all the children and families and has been asking questions but not in an upset way. I'm sure it'll come up again but for now she seems okay. It'd be kind of cool if I could explain some good news sometime soon!

We're getting a little bit of that storm system right now. Or some storm system. The thunder rumbled all over today as we got ready for aikido. Autumn was all, "I don't think we should go to aikido." I told her that I kind of had to go because I am the teacher! I had a full house and one new potential student so I'm glad we did.

It rained and rained and hailed and thundered all through class. Between the music from the ballet dancers and the rain on the metal roof, I seriously had to raise my voice and lot and do some majorly exaggerated demonstration...that part might not have been a bad thing, though! However, right as we were getting lined up to bow out, the lights went out.

I knew Autumn was going to FREAK OUT so I called out, "nobody move!!" Then Julie, she and her husband Tom own CAA, called that there is a generator and it would kick in soon. When the low lights popped on, I saw Callie holding Autumn but other than that, no one had moved! And then Autumn leapt onto me and stuck like a barnacle. She wailed, "I TOLD YOU WE SHOULDN'T GO TO AIKIDO!!"

After I peeled her off, she got her things together and put on her rain jacket like we were leaving but there was no way in all that rain. I heard later that most of the streets were flooded and when I finally did leave an hour later, the power was out along one of the main roads. I took the picture with my flash. The generator lights were pretty low and where Callie and Autumn sat was really dark. But, Callie sat and told Autumn stories and made her laugh until the power came back.

The three of us sat there while we waited on the rain to stop and two of my teen students actually made it. One was so wet I gave him one of Stephan's old uniforms to wear. The other said it took her mom an hour to get there! It's usually about a 15 or 20 minute drive. Callie and her brothers stayed with Autumn while I taught the class. The weather calmed down a lot but it was so sweet of them and their grandmother to spend time with her when she was obviously nervous about the rain and thunder.

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