Friday, May 24, 2013

Brighten Your Day Giveaway: A Who This Time!

I meant to post this yesterday but it was a super crazy day! I thought I'd show you someone who brightens my day:

And yesterday was her last day of school! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT. I didn't get any good photos of her yesterday but she graduated from Kindergarten on Tuesday and I got a few then. Sigh.

Weeks like this are always super bittersweet. I guess milestones make me think of the ones I won't experience with Garrett and now I won't experience with Grant Jaden (Kingston? I need to ask our social worker what he is now called). Grant Jaden has been on my mind a lot this week because I know someone will get to do all of these things with him and I hope that they know how blessed they are that they get to raise him.

Since this is a Brighten Your Day post, I won't linger on the bitter but on the sweet. Autumn has been an amazing blessing. I read posts sometimes about how many parents hate the idea of "seize the day" or "enjoy even the bad times." And I can respect that. I do get it, but without being all Mary Sue, I choose to revel in the gift of my family. I think some of it is personality. Sometimes I really want to just be gloomy and sit in a corner but that doesn't usually last long. I'm terrible at sulking.

Some of it is also the luxury of being able to be all Carpe Diem. I don't live in a war zone. We're pretty comfortably settled. I have a great spouse. I'm not battling a life threatening illness (anymore) and neither are Mike or Autumn. I appreciate those things and more, even on the harder days.

Now, just as an aside, I'm not meaning for anyone to apply this to their lives and feel bad. I'm just up early and thinking about how lucky I am. Even with all the heartache, I've got a great family (extended and honorary), great friends, a house where people can visit me, and a story of hope. I wouldn't mind having another little one to share all this with and I miss Garrett so much it hurts, but I can be content.

SO, all that to say, these guys brighten my day:

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