Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Heather's Story: Resources for Coming Forward

I've been a bit out of pocket...I'm frantically studying for my AFAA Primary Group Fitness exam this Saturday. And it appears that I have a kidney stone. Or kidney infection. Either way, in the morning I'm off to the doctor to find out which it is. Terrible timing!

Also, I've been compiling some information to post because a few people have contacted me wanting to know how to report it if they have been assaulted--specifically by Chris Jones, Heather's estranged husband. I contacted a friend of mine who is a federal prosecutor who was once a domestic violence advocate and this is what he sent me:

I’d have any other victims call sex crimes bureau with MPD or else call the DA’s office and ask to speak to someone in the domestic violence section. The main number for the DA’s office is (901) 222-1300. A contact person with sex crimes would be Lt. Cleveland at 636-3234.

Just as a side note, special thanks to my friend Tamara for reading over some of these blog posts to make sure I'm not putting my foot in the law!

I posted links on domestic violence when Heather was first missing. It feels lazy to copy/paste again but I cannot emphasize enough how important this information is. I'll also add the National Domestic Violence hotline: 1 (800) 799-SAFE (7233). If you visit that site, they have something called a Quick Escape button which will take you to a safe page. I clicked it and it took me to a Google search. To the copy/paste:

Please take this to heart: most acts of violence are not between strangers. If you are ever afraid of a friend, family member, spouse or significant other, do NOT hesitate to get help! Listen to that gut feeling. I even have statistic reports: herehere and here.
If you are in a situation that is or could become dangerous, please seek help. This is not your imagination. This is not something where you're just being paranoid. Here are some resources you can start with: No Nonsense Self-Defense's Stalking and Domestic Violence Portal; Domestic Violence International Resources; and Signs of Relationship Abuse

If anyone has any links to add, please leave them in the comments and I'll update the post. 

(ps, Wednesday Gym Adventures will return next week!)


  1. Thank you, Sharaze. I think this is exactly what was needed, and I'm so glad I contacted you. Many people have stories to tell but weren't sure where to tell them.

    1. I got some more information from another reader, too! This time about safe houses, I'm going to post it tomorrow, I think!