Friday, May 31, 2013

Jackie's Belly Dance Bachelorette Party!

Tomorrow, my mom's friend Jackie is getting married! Jackie and my mom are totally the odd couple. Mike's mom giggles whenever Jackie comes up because, seriously, these two could have a reality show! Jackie started working with my mom a few years ago and they've been friends ever since. So, when Jackie got engaged a couple of months ago, everyone asked my mom if she was going to throw a party.

My mom is not much of a party planner so I volunteered to do most of the work because, seriously, a party I don't have to pay for? I'm all over that. After consulting with my mom and one of Jackie's customers who wanted to help, we settled on a Belly Dance Bachelorette Party! Autumn's birthday party was the day before so I got to reuse a lot of the same decorations. I did purple and blue for the Under the Sea party so I just had to add in a little orange. Not too bad!

I love this deco mesh stuff that Cheri and Lainey introduced to me. I found this beautiful blue at Hobby Lobby. I didn't realize it at the time, but in the different lights, it changes colors slightly! I got that and the purple either on sale or with a coupon. I had some moroccan looking fabric scraps from a couple of dresses I made Autumn over the years so I put those down before draping the deco mesh. I wanted a layered look and I'm pretty happy with it. I also just had the orange and blue balls and the blue candlesticks as well as the purple chargers. (ps, I bought the dancing lady art from Digital Decades on Etsy.)

I saw someone wrap their drink jars with burlap and totally stole the idea but with the mesh ribbon. I love how it dressed it up! We only served water, white sangria, and sweet tea at this event. I think I'm going to buy one of these drink spigot things for myself because I borrow Lainey's all the time. One of hers is a good size but this one is just really huge and hard to clean!

Working around to the living room, on the table just inside the door, I put the belly dancing skirts which were the party favors and my Dance with Melissa sign! I had the big signs printed at Costco's photo department to have mercy on my printer.

I got a lot of 12 skirts from Ebay. I did a lot of research on prices but even at the cheapest price, it was tough to make the decision to buy the skirts. I'm really glad I did, though. Everyone seemed really excited to get their skirts and I think having them added an element of fun that made it easier to try the dancing. Well, that and sangria. Which I know is Mexican BUT I make the best sangria and it's Jackie's favorite drink!

The belly dancing class was SO MUCH FUN!! Melissa did a fabulous job and I am so happy to say that just about everyone participated. I cleared out the living room, only leaving the sofa, so that we'd have enough room to dance. We did two songs and I had such a good time that I might go try a zumba class!! I never ever ever thought that's something I'd consider but, while I'd be terrible, it would be so fun to do with a bunch of friends!

My friend Christy did henna tattoos and she did such a fabulous job. When the party first started it was really quiet and I was getting worried that everyone was going to leave and be like "Nema's daughter throws lame parties." The henna was a huge icebreaker. Once I convinced some of them to get started, the laughing and talking and moving from room to room really started. I bought the henna from Henna Caravan and we have so much left over. I moved the love seat and ottoman into Mike's office and set up a little tray for Christy's tattoo items.

I also made some Henna After Care cards for everyone to take home. We thought about just telling people what to do but figured having a sheet would be better. The henna held up really well! Mine lasted a little less than a week but that's because I was in the ocean a lot.

When Christy came over to practice, she did one on Autumn. How cute is this?? Hers lasted a long time, too!

Moving into the dining room, I set up this fantastic glitter frame I found at Hobby Lobby for half off. I plan on using it at every party I can!! I added orange napkins to the purple and blue combination from Autumn's party. I borrowed some cute votive holders from lainey and put LED tealights in some of them and roses from our garden in others. I tried to go with layers and light all around.

These are the food tent cards. I think I might sell this set with the optional belly dancer. I served hummus pita chips and veggies, strawberries, spanakopita from Costco, and baklava. Jackie's friend brought a pretty cake from Costco and I cannot believe I didn't get a photo. I didn't get one of the bar at all!

The most popular food was this Moroccan Chicken from Costco. I served it over rice that I cooked with chicken broth and I had pita bread and tzaziki on the side. Oh, my goodness, it was amazing. So good that we bought some for ourselves this week. I made sandwiches out of it with naan, tzaziki, lettuce, and tomato.

I did a terrible job photographing this party...I didn't get a full table photo but this is what it looked like before the chafing dishes and bowls. Mike's brother Brad bought me that cloth in China and I use it all the time. I love it.

I made this wreath for Autumn's party and I LOVE IT. The only thing is that it cost a bit more to make than I expected. I had a grapevine wreath I bought a month or two ago when I made our door wreath (I never posted about that, did I? I's a fun wreath) and it took 4 boas to cover this thing. I kind of wish I hung it differently but I still like it. It looked pretty awesome at Autumn's party, too!

Altogether, this was a pretty inexpensive party, although it was cheating a bit to have friends do the henna and dancing and reusing the decorations from Autumn's party and things I just had around the house. I had a great time planning it and I am so glad that everyone had a good time!

Congratulations, Jackie!

Oh, by the way! I made her wedding invitations. She asked for elephants and I ended up doing an Indian style elephant for her. I think that started the belly dancing and henna train of thought!

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