Thursday, May 16, 2013

Playing Catch-up Again...

It's been SUCH a crazy week that I forgot to post yesterday's Wednesday Gym Adventures! Boo, me! I'll have it next week, though. ALSO NEXT WEEK! My friend Tamara and I are planning an extra special Holy Cow This Year Has Been Rough So Let's Do a Happy Giveaway giveaway. It should go live on Monday so stay tuned!!

We're getting ready for Autumn's birthday party this week. It's going to be pretty small, just family and two of her friends but I'm making all the fancy printables so I can sell them on my Etsy shop. Here's the invitation:

And, on Sunday, I'm helping my mom give her best friend a bachelorette party. It won't be anything too crazy but a friend of ours is going to do a belly dancing lesson! The funniest thing about that? When I first texted my mom with the idea, she mentioned it to the ladies in her salon. They got all excited but...not for the reason I expected. They thought I was going to hire a fat man stripper. No. One of her coworkers was like, "hey, I know this man with a huge belly who could do it!" No word so far on whether or not they are as excited about BELLY DANCING as they were about Santa coming to dance.

My friend Christy who is an artist is going to do henna tattoos, too! She came over to practice and that's going to be super awesome! I can't wait. I'm also doing this one up with the printables so I can sell the set. Oddly, this background I made over at has been really popular, getting liked and pinned. Who knew?

And for a complete turnaround, I meant to post this last week. My teacher Stephan linked this TED talk on Violence and Silence. It's a really fantastic talk. Straight up honest? I rarely actually listen to these when people post them because I'm, um, kind of lazy. I'd rather just read the transcript. But, because of Stephan posted this in the aftermath of Heather's funeral, I listened. Seriously, this needs to be spread around more. Watch and listen! Let me know if you do and what you thought.

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