Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wednesday Gym Adventures: Shoes

Can I just tell you that a few hours after I wrote last week's clothing edition of Wednesday Gym Adventures, I discovered that my shirt was on backwards. Sigh. Cosmic revenge? Could be.

I mentioned our friend Tony last week. He has a Wednesday newsletter and he did a Tony's Q&A. I just had to tell him I loved his commentary on CrossFit the word superciliousness was involved) and I asked him if he remembered Guy the ski instructor lookalike. Turns out, Tony was just telling someone about Guy that same day! Too funny.

On the same clothing theme, a couple of people asked me to post an update on how my Vibram FiveFingers are working out for me these days. I bought them almost a year ago. I still like them a lot and they are my shoes of choice right now, with a few caveats.

Not great for winter--for me.
I am always cold. I am like Linus and I carry a blanket around the house even in the summer. There is no way in the world that I could run in these in the winter, even here in the South. I wore them a few times to walk Autumn to school and my feet were like ice blocks by the time I got back home. I finally broke down bought the socks from REI, one of the only places that sells the kids size Injinji socks. Didn't help much with the cold. Maybe if I had normal grown up sized feet, I could get wool socks and everything would be okay but someone else will have to speak on that. I ended up carrying them in a bag to the gym and just changing shoes before and after workout.

I don't regret buying the socks.
Even with weekly or bi-weekly washings, the inside of my shoes just felt nasty. Like, glurge or, I don't know, slime. Seriously gross and I'm not even a heavy sweater. I asked my friend Matt if his felt icky on the inside and he said yes so at least I know I am not the only one. The socks keep me from creating more gunk and from feeling any that we can't get rid of.

Mine suck at keeping water out.
This isn't as bad in the summer as it is in the winter, but if the streets are even remotely damp, with the style of shoes I have, my feet were going to get wet. Not a huge deal when it's 90 degrees because they dry super fast even with the socks but when it's 22 degrees outside, omg, I WILL PASS.

My bunion is better but my toenails are in bad shape.
I got the VFFs to head off a bunion that was forming. The difference is amazing. I haven't had any toe pain in months and the big toe joint is no longer swollen or red. My pinkie toes, however, don't like being in the VFFs. Not even a little. Even if I keep them short, they fall off on a regular basis. I think it has something to do with the shape of my pinkie toes. They kind of curl over and no amount of being barefoot in martial arts or wearing miniminalist shoes has been able to help it.

I made this smaller so it won't gross people out as much. Ew, feet.

I'm going to start alternating shoes.
Sorry about the foot photo. I happened to have it because I wanted to show Tamara my first attempt at nail art, haha! See how weird my toe is? And that pinkie toe nail? It doesn't actually exist. I painted a pretend one on there. My pinkie toes have been hurting from the pressure of doing fitness kickboxing in the VFFs in addition to the pain of having the nails fall off. I know a lot of runners lose their nails but I didn't have any trouble wearing them for weight lifting or what little running I do, but the lateral motion is just too much for those little toes against the plastic or rubber or whatever it is on the toes of the shoes. I'm thinking about getting a different pair of minimalist shoes, most likely Merrells, as long at they will actually fit.

As a side note
I bought a pair of Merrell Wonder Gloves and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. Seriously, if I could replace all my shoes with these, I would so do it. Comfortable, flexible, and cute. Can it get any better?? I went out on a limb and bought the yellow ones and I wear them all the time.

All that to say, I still like the FiveFingers but I'm open to trying new things for the sake of my cold, cold feet in the winter and my poor, sore pinky toes. :)


  1. You need to be an amazon affiliate so you get credit for those links.

    That said, I never finished my Wednesday Gym Adventures blog, but I was several paragraphs in. I'm actually going to have to start scheduling blog time. My schedule has gone to crap since classes ended/finals began.

    What I really wanted to say though was this:
    I must have those yellow shoes. Except I might need the pink'uns more.

    1. I am an affiliate. :D I announced it at some point. I used to have the info on this page but I moved it to the links area.

      I love my merrells so much.