Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Day to Mike

Happy Father's Day to Mike! Thank you for being the dad I dreamed of having when I was a little girl. I am so glad Autumn and I have you.

This was our big project yesterday. Autumn and I went out to Mike's parents' house and took some photos in the backyard. Autumn wasn't too happy about getting dressed up and holding letters but after a bit she really got into it. I'm so glad because some of the pictures turned out wonderfully!

And we put them in a scrapbook frame with linen for the background. This isn't the final version because I just printed these out on my printer. I'll get actual prints from Costco this week.

Also, Autumn would like you to see what she made for papa. :) From Autumn: "it has hearts on it and me, mama, papa, and molly. And it has a sun and green on it. I have yellow lines on it because I'm pretending it's sparkling. And it has clouds of the colors that we like."

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