Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wednesday Gym Adventures: Return of the Guardian Angel

There I was in the gym after class minding my own business. On Wednesday mornings, all I want to do is put away my stuff, wade through the zumba people staking their spots, dodge the seniors who occasionally think that I'm the person to complain to about the loud music, and go home to my everyone else.

That morning, I managed to put away my weights with no trouble. Nothing left but my steps and risers. I grabbed the step in my left hand, stacked the risers and draped them over my right forearm. I paused to adjust the step when I suddenly felt someone grabbing my risers.

I spun around aikido-style, hands full but ready to throw something if necessary. The risers ripped out of the person's hands and I turned to find...the elderly lady who is always offering to carry my weights and checking to make sure I survived another class. And she was still trying to yank the risers off my forearm.

On one hand, I appreciate that she's concerned. Fine, I'm really freaking short. But holy cow! I do this class almost every week! If I were going to keel over and die, I would have done it already! And now I feel kind of bad because I let her sneak up on me and then almost tore her arm off.

In the end, I smiled, firmly pulled the risers out of her grasp and assured her that I am perfectly capable of putting up my risers but thank you. Hopefully I didn't do anything bad to her arm when I spun away from her! I guess I'll find out next week because last week I left a touch early to get Autumn to swim and I didn't make it this morning.

This morning, I let Autumn sleep in because she's been pretty under the weather, a rare occurrence. It started out as allergies but now she has a bit of a phlegmy cough. She only has one more swim lesson left in this session so hopefully she can make it tomorrow and then have a few days to lay around and do nothing. I have to say I didn't object to the break! I finally taught some classes--three classes with a grand total of 4 students! On the plus side, it can only go up from here, hahaha. But between doing my regular workouts, the new classes, aikido, and practicing the routines, I'm beat! Not complaining though--so far I'm really enjoying both the weight classes and the kickboxing classes.

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