Wednesday, July 17, 2013

WGA: The Return of the Misguided Guardian Angel

With the drop off times for the various camps Autumn's attending and her swim lessons, I haven't made it to my Wednesday class in a while. I got to go this morning and had a good time. I could definitely feel the effects of being a little sick over the weekend. I haven't eaten much other than bread and peanut butter and cheerios since Saturday. I woke up feeling off but decided to go to Aikido anyway. Well. Stephan's class plan included ALL THE SPINNING. Between the rolls and the turning around and around, I only made it about 45 minutes. Blergh.

Back to this morning, class was pretty entertaining. I got to stand behind and very tall woman who used very light weights and did jumping jacks like a baby chick trying to take off. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY: the elderly lady who is always checking on me to make sure I survived? She was in class today. I didn't see her at first because she was on the back row and I usually stand near the front or I would totally have surreptitiously taken a picture.

Not this spry. (source)
While I was out of class the instructor found out that my misguided guardian is all of 72 years old. I have to say, she's pretty spry for 72 but I spent a good chunk of the class peeking back to make sure she hadn't fallen out or something because she is downright frail. I'm sure the instructor was keeping an eye out, too.

I put my things away a little early to make sure Autumn got to swim on time. A friend who takes the class, too, goes to cycle afterward so she usually puts her things away during the cooldown. She's been wanting to know who this lady was (because, seriously, everyone is baffled about why the lady is so worried about me) so I caught her as she went by and said, "back row, Nike shirt...that's the lady who is always checking on me."

When we ran back into each other in the storage room, my friend gave me a great wtf look and agreed that the lady really needed to be more concerned about herself because she looked like she was going to keel over. I said that I also don't really get it because out of the entire (very large) class, there were waaaaaay more people to worry about than me! Too funny.

Maybe next time I go she'll be there again and I can snap a covert photo!

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