Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday of Fun

I told Mike yesterday that I just don't have much to say these days. Well. That's not entirely true. I almost always have something to say! But I haven't felt like writing. I do write. And I will. But...I don't know. I can't seem to articulate the things going on right now. Exploring other adoption options. A friend who has left her abusive husband. Drama and friendships I watched split up in the last weeks. Finding out that all too many people believed a nasty rumor someone started about us. Not knowing where to serve in the church. Mike's work drastically changing. My work drastically changing.

I don't know. We've been passing around funny videos and articles because I think a lot of our friends are struggling right now. Maybe we are always struggling? But I don't think so. I do think this is a season. I know the season will pass. But for now, we try to laugh when and where we can. So. Let's move on before I get too Henri the Existential Cat.

I laugh so hard at this cat every time I see this! The music makes it and I heard that the kitty is fine.

I don't know why I like this underwear commercial so much but I loooove it. If you're, um, easily offended, I wouldn't watch this one. There's a behind the scenes AND IT IS FABULOUS.

And it goes really well with this student-made video on gender and advertising. Some people didn't like the "male" versions because they weren't stereotypically attractive men, but I kind of don't mind's ridiculous whether you're using a large man or a skeletal model, right? I found it when I was watching this parody of the Blurred Lines video (here's the clean version of the original...the original original video is naked models) by a group called Mod Carousel. I'm not embedding that but you can click to watch either video. Just, er, don't watch any of the Blurred Lines links at work.

On a lighter note, you know you have ALWAYS wondered: can Richard Simmons stay still for at least 60 seconds?? The dancing guy totally reminds me of Donny Osmond in the White and Nerdy video!

German compared to other languages, ha!

And let's wrap it up with some photos:
Fun portal

Walmart People

And, with that, I hope you have a better week than those girls and maybe next week will be a better writing week for me!

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