Friday, August 2, 2013

In which our fee goes up-- A LOT

Good news first: Mike fixed my computer, yay! Bad news now: we got our new adoption contract. Remember how I said we made more but not a lot more so maybe the fee won't go up much? I was so very, very wrong. Our fee went up almost $3,000. It was $12,500 and now it is $15,425.

I don't *really* plan to turn to enforcing to earn money to adopt but I do hope that Mike and I can pull in enough side work/fitness work to save another $3k on top of the lawyer fees we were in the process of saving. We'll probably do another fundraiser but I'm not really sure what to do yet.

I did make one of these things when we were trying to bring home Grant Jaden I planned to write a person's or a family's name on each leaf for a donation of any amount thinking I could put the tree in the baby's room. It feels weird doing this one for a baby not Grant Jaden but I don't know. Maybe I'll make a new one for whoever we bring home. Any thoughts on the idea?

We also have some other inquiries we're going to make. If anything comes of it, or I guess even if it doesn't go anywhere, I'm sure I'll talk about it here. Either way, holy cow, I hope that we adopt this year. If we try to make extra money to pay for the adoption, it's like a vicious cycle where every time we do a little better, our fee goes up.

In the meantime, here are Garrett's profile pages:

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