Wednesday, August 21, 2013

WGA: Adventures in Auditioning and Being a Girl

I don't have a photo of myself in fitness clothes so have this
adorable picture of Autumn sized exercise pants.
Yesterday I had my very first gym audition!! I think it went okay for a first time and I should hear by Friday if I got the job. There was a lady auditioning for a zumba position and I auditioned for kickboxing and muscle classes. I was crazy nervous. They had 5 or 6 employees come to evaluate and participate. I am glad I brought my little speaker because they couldn't find a boom box to use for the music. The only one they found had, strangely, a European plug.

I went first and did a kickboxing style warm up and then went into my kickbox routine which lasted about 5 minutes and included a punch set and a knee/kick set. I felt good about that part. The muscle portion felt short. I don't know if I planned too much or talked too long but it felt weird. I had them do a kettlebell swing, the bicep curls/arnold presses, and a squat set. It also might have felt weird because there were no weights so I was all, "if we had weights, I'd tell you to move up to medium if you felt like you could."

The zumba teacher said something really cool to me when we were leaving. She mentioned before our auditions that she did tae bo a lot, especially with her dad in high school. She told me that she'd go to my kickboxing class because she realized she had been doing things wrong all these years. I said that I didn't think tae bo was "wrong" (although I kinda do think that but that's another post, lol), it's just that I've done martial arts and taught those moves in a different context. And this is the best comment ever: "I think that's it, for the first time I felt dangerous and not like I was just flailing around." ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Something else fitness/teaching related, one of Stephan's old students came by the dojo last night. He hadn't heard that I stopped training at the school where I had trouble last year. He still goes there from time to time and I found out something WAY INTERESTING. Part of the reason I don't train there anymore is a difference in teaching methodology. But the other reason was priorities. I told them that I have a family and a job and I just can't be out several nights a week. And if that means I don't get rank as quickly, that's fine. I'll go at the pace of my life. Makes sense right? Well, that's when the "motherhood is a liability, a stumbling block you need to overcome" stuff came up. Yeah, nooo.

Well. Turns out, our former student told that school THE SAME THING. Want to know what they said?


What?? No accusations of softness? Of fatherhood being a liability that he needs to overcome??

It's fascinating, really.

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