Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cleaning and Classes

TODAY I AM CLEANING. I don't know why. I mean, we all straighten here every day but, today, I seriously deep cleaned my kitchen. And I'm working my way around. I haven't the slightest idea why I got the urge today, but there you go. It's a better urge than, say, eating a pound of chocolate. Which isn't to say that isn't a *fabulous* thing but, while enjoyable, usually ends in a stomach ache.

I've been talking to different gyms and people and emailing and visiting and I'm not super encouraged by the results. It isn't always that I don't get a position, it's that the times are wrong or they need something I can't (or won't) really do. I'm probably going to go with what I've got and start applying again when the New Year's Resolution rush begins. Very happily, I did get one class that has the potential to expand. It's at a church gym and the people are nice and the pay is pretty good. It's not much different from my aikido set up where I get a certain percentage of the students I attract. So, it's incentive for both parties to make sure the class in successful. I was looking for some ideas for this class because it's going to be kickboxing with some weights in the mix. I ran across this guy and I like his routine and teaching style so much that I bought his dvd.

My mom liked this so much she's thinking about driving all the way to our town (we live in a suburb about 45 minutes from her suburb) to do my class. She cracks me up. I did look around in her area to see if anyone was hiring and the only places that are would be places where I'd have to start completely from scratch and build the classes myself. I'm not quite ready for that kind of work because I'm still trying to rebuild my aikido classes after a bunch of my students started new schools or sports, moved, or went off to college.

I have an audition at a church about 5 minutes away Friday. Mike and I actually went there many moons ago and one of their pastors officiated our wedding. Their gym is a ministry. Although I really need to make money, if none of the other places where I applied pan out immediately, I might go ahead and do a class or two there, provided the way I teach suits their clients. I'd be giving a 5 minute devotional before class, doing the class, and praying with anyone who might need it. The church also pays for certifications and, if I ever decide to go the personal training route, that's a paid position. So, I don't know. I think it could be a good way to take what I'm trying to do with this blog (encouragement for me and others, mainly), meet people, and get some experience. This church is also interested in aikido during their next budget season. And they expressed a LOT of interest in Kidpower. Mike and I agreed it'd be worth it to at least walk through the stages and see where this ends up.

In the meantime, I know that I rarely get comments here on the blog--it's usually on Facebook--but, wherever you're reading this, maybe you can help me out. When I teach fitness kickboxing, is there anything you'd like the instructor to do? Any particular things you hate or love? For example, I despise going super, super fast with kickboxing. And I love it when the instructor gives low impact options. What about you?

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