Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Once Upon a Time...

...there was a Very Small Sensei.
Very small, indeed.

The Sensei had a Student. The Student was six years old and very blond and very excited to learn all the new things. After much hard work, he was ready for the second Stripe on his Yellow Belt; the Stripe that would tell everyone he was preparing for Orange Belt.

The Very Small Sensei had another Student who would help during the Test of the Very Blond Student. She would be his Uke and he would throw her. Because the Uke's family was moving, her Uniform was packed up with the rest of the house.

Our Sensei thought hard, because students must wear their Uniforms for Tests. But, she had an idea! She needed to wear her Hakama and Gi top for the Test and always dressed in Layers. So, the Uke could borrow the Sensei's Gi Pants and Class Shirt. It was brilliant! Although the Pants and Shirt were a little too big for the Uke, it worked out just fine.

Now, when the Very Blond Student put on his uniform for testing, he set his Shirt aside. The same type of Shirt that the Very Small Sensei wore. This is an important moment and pivotal to our story's end.

Josh, aka the Very Blond Student
He tested and passed with Shining Colors. His Uke was fabulous and did an excellent job with such a Great Responsibility.

After tests and clapping and cheering and photos, it was time to put the Room back together and after the Task was completed, our Sensei retrieved her Clothing from the Uke.

As the Students were leaving, the Very Blond Student ran up to the Very Small Sensei and held up a shirt. "Sensei! This is not mine! I can't find my shirt."

The Very Small Sensei thought, "Uh-oh," and looked down at her Shirt. Lo and behold, there was a Black Stain on the Shirt. A Stain which the Very Blond Student made several weeks back on HIS SHIRT. Sensei sighed, took the Shirt from the Very Blond Student, and said, "Ummm, excuse me."

And so, the Great Mixup was solved. And will never be forgotten.

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