Tuesday, November 26, 2013

25 Days of Kindness: Acts of Kindess Cards and Links

I finished up the Acts of Kindness cards! We'll give these out when we do some of the activities but not all of them. I'm including the link to download this file at the bottom of this post but if this kind of card isn't your cup of tea, there are actually a lot of people doing these kinds of activities out there. I started a pinterest board with links to other blogs and websites and I'll keep updating it with information I come across. There is good stuff out there! You'll find other printables, act of kindness ideas, and just general encouragement about the state of the world!

I have links to some of the ministries and programs we will be working with locally. I have emails out to a few people, including someone from a nursing home, so I'll be posting again, I'm sure. Check these out if you're looking for similar activities or would like to join us!

Urban Bicycle Food Ministry
We are going to make care packages for the homeless this ministry serves. From the email: Simply take a one-gallon zip lock bag and place basic, necessity items in them. Some good suggestions are: handwarmers, wool socks, hand sanitizer, lotion, hygiene products, snacks, or basically anything you can come up with. From their facebook page: We are still in need of supplies! We need snacks of all types: chips, beef jerky, fruit, etc. We also need blankets, jackets, cold weather gear, hand warmers, etc.

Memphis Interfaith Hospitality Network
We are going to donate some school uniforms to this group. A friend from high school works here and I am also trying to find out if there are any chores around the facility that we can help with.

Shelby County Food Pantries
My friend Mimi sent me this list. We'll probably do some shopping and take items to one of these food pantries, I'm not sure which one yet.

Grown Up Christmas Wish List
A local radio station is sponsoring a wish list for adult shut ins. Check out the link for names. I emailed with the adults we would like to give gifts to and asked for more details about when/where to drop off gifts.

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