Saturday, November 30, 2013

25 Days of Kindness: The First 7 Days

I absolutely cannot believe that tomorrow is December first. Today I went on this epic journey through the tops of closets (look, I'm 4'11", closet tops are epic) and the attic to figure out what clever place I hid Jerry the Elf...only to have Mike look for about 3 seconds and find Jerry in a cubby in our closet. (/゚Д゚)/

Anyway, we are all set as far as 25 Days of Kindness (don't even ask me about the rest of the house--let's just say there is a lot of decor debris around). The advent calendar is ready and waiting for the numbers. Jerry is in Mike's desk drawer waiting to be installed in Autumn's room with his kindness assignment on the back of the date card (printable here!). And, we have our first 7 Days of Kindness planned, although things could change:
December 1: Finish Angel Tree shopping, wrap gifts, and deliver them to Mrs. Dede who will take them to the drop off point.
12/2: Make and mail a card for friend's grandfather in rehab.
12/3: Give a thank you card to swim coaches.
12/4: Visit thrift stores and regular stores to purchase (and then wash) uniforms to donate to Memphis Interfaith Hospitality Network.
12/5: At the school book fair, buy a book to give to a friend.
12/6: Deliver uniforms to MIHN.
12/7: Make a picture and cookies for Sunday School teachers.

This week's big project is getting school uniforms for a local emergency shelter. A friend from elementary and high school works there and mentioned that she just gave away the last uniform and how heartbroken she is over kids who are going to school cold. They need all sizes and for boys and girls. Autumn and I are going to go to Goodwill and the Salvation Army to see if there are any gently used items. I have some from last year that no longer fit Autumn, too. And, I'm keeping my eye out for sales to get some new uniforms.

Shelby County Schools students wear collared shirts in any color and blue, khaki, or black pants and skirts. If you'd like to donate any new or gently used uniforms or if you'd like to contribute towards the purchase of these items, email me and we'll connect!

Here's a bit of blog kindness: don't forget to enter the Kiwi Crate Holiday Giveaway! If you know a child who loves art and projects, this would be a fantastic gift!

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