Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween Recap!

It's a CTC seminar weekend and I am SO TIRED. I'm not as tired as I have been in the past, thank goodness. I think it's probably that I have more stamina but also we didn't get through all the stages today because there were a lot of beginners. This also meant I had more teaching/helping time than pounding or pounding on time, haha. We aren't super hard core in these seminars but hours of bumping the same part of the forearm repeatedly can make a person feel a bit delicate. I'm super excited because with the time change, I get an extra hour to laze around. Although the flip side is that it gets darker earlier, blah.

I did want to get my post recapping our crazy, fun week up before I get really out of gas after tomorrow's session! This week was, omg, a mess. The best kind. We had THREE parties. Er. Events. I think I'll just cover Thursday right now and hit the other things tomorrow or Monday, but we hosted our second annual Halloween Not a Party. I called it a Not a Party so I wouldn't go crazy. It's supposed to be a few friends coming over and eating chili, going trick or treating and then having cocoa. And that's what we did! It was great. I made a regular red chili and a new white turkey chili that was pretty good. I didn't do printables other than the banner from last year but I did have a lot of chili toppings and I froze grapefruit slices to put in the water. We had a nice gathering of old friends, new friends, neighbors, and family! Here are the kids getting ready to roll out.

They were so cute! We've been working our way up over the years. We did the cove. Then the cove plus a few houses on the main street. And this year? THE WHOLE BLOCK, BABY. Well, Autumn got to the last 4 or 5 houses and was all, "I AM DONE." So, we went back with a couple of the other younger kids while the older ones finished up and met us back at the house. We all took pictures under the banner. I was a 50's housewife! I wanted Mike to wear business clothes and carry a cocktail but he wouldn't. Wah! And those crocs, they buuuuuurn. But, he was a great sport about this weekend of socialness so I'll give him a pass. Thank you, Mike!!

I am seriously considering retro hair every day of my life. Between this costume and last years Children's Ball dress, I have never gotten so many compliments in my life. I recently started wearing my makeup a little differently, too. I've tried for a slightly retro look and ended up just doing what I always do makeup-wise only going a touch darker. This picture isn't great but, really, I might have to sleep in curlers more often. The outfit is just something I had in the closet, a shirt and a skirt. I ordered a petticoat because there's another dress I want to wear it with as a church outfit. The apron came with one of Autumn's cookbooks, funny enough!

I just had to show you this. Autumn and Ellie are sooo cute!! I love that they got to hang out on Halloween!

Incidentally, I was so caught up in Halloween that I didn't get to do my sunset photo to close out Capture Your Grief. Consider this my sign off on that blogging event. Friends, family, a party, fun costumes, smiles, and hot cocoa. Can't beat that for proof that life and love can and will go on even through the bittersweetness of knowing that one sweet little face is missing. Thank you for walking through the journey with me. The whole journey, not just one month out of the year.

More next time on a dinner of martial artists, Lainey's suprise party, and the CTC seminar!

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