Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sick Days

Yesterday I was standing at the stove making soup and feeling sentimental about my paternal grandmother who was the first person to cook with me. Mike was sitting at the table talking to me and I mentioned that when I'm sick I think I might get a little mushy. Mike kind of snorted and said he could tell I wasn't feeling well because I didn't have any fire in me. Ha.

The weather changing plus a foolish one day trek to Georgia and back (more on that later) meant that I got a nasty sinus infection or something. I've been viciously fighting back, though! I am resting whenever I can. I went for acupuncture on Monday. Today the chiropractor did something magical and vaguely painful to my face. I'm taking medicine. I deployed the neti pot. And I have this canvas bag that goes everywhere with me. It has a box of tissues (I've, um, been through 4 boxes), vaseline for my poor nose, my wallet, cough drops, and a bottle of water, not pictured because I dropped the top and was too pitiful to look for it under the bed. Wah!

All that is for three reasons. One, I hate being sick. Two, I just started a new kickboxing class and I really don't want to sub it out yet. And three, I have an audition at the gym where I've been really, really, really wanting to work tomorrow. So. If you think of it, please pray that my voice at least temporarily rallies like it did for my Wednesday class. It didn't come back for aikido today so I told my assistant Emma what to say and she'd say it loudly.

Also, I am happy to say that I applied to be a Kiwi Crate affiliate and they accepted me! You'll see the banner in my sidebar now and I'm thinking about doing a crate giveaway. Would there be any interest in that? Let me know! I did a post on the family blog about Autumn and the little kiwi she carried everywhere before I did the affiliate thing--I applied because I love Kiwi Crate so much. When I finally completed the process, I contacted the Kiwi Crate folks about reposting it here and doing a giveaway just to make sure it was okay. The person who emailed me said it was fine and even suggested I enter a blogging contest they are hosting. Fun! Anyway, if you're looking for a fun Christmas gift, definitely check out Kiwi Crate and look out for my Introducing Kiri Kiwi post. If there's interest, that will be a giveaway, too!

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