Sunday, December 15, 2013

25 Days of Kindness: Week 2 Recap, Week 3 Preview

Week two of 25 Days of Kindness went pretty well! I made some changes to the list since, of course, life happened. I switched the Sunday School teacher thing *again* because they were having some kind of reception between services that I found out about on Friday. We ended up having Autumn give five compliments on Saturday and that was absolutely fascinating. Autumn is a polite, sweet, soft hearted kid. I know I'm her mom, but seriously, she is. But even after I explained a compliment to her (one of those things she knows but doesn't know, if that makes sense), she had a little bit of a tough time finding the right time and place for it!

She only gave out 3 or 4 compliments. Autumn thought she gave out more but when she and Mike got back from the gym, I asked if she complimented anyone and she said, "I said thank you to someone." Ha! One of her real compliments was to me, saying that I did a great job when I fixed the frozen computer. She told Mike something I can't remember. And she told Elyse that she makes delicious cookies. There might have been one more in there. Jerry left a note the next day saying we'd do it again before Christmas now that she had practice. I think I might have all of us do that one and report on it later.

Here's how the week panned out:
12/8: Shop for/make teacher gift (and Mama delivers uniforms).
12/9: Gather items for adult daycare drive.
12/10: Deliver daycare items to school.
12/11: Gather/shop for art supplies for Grown Up Christmas List.
12/12: Make cards for Grown Up Christmas List
12/13:  Put thank you card and treats in mailbox for postal worker.
12/14: Give 5 compliments.

I've had fun with Jerry, too. We haven't gone crazy or anything but done some cute, little things. Autumn has loved all of it. I haven't taken pictures every night but here are a few. Some of the other places Jerry has been: on the Christmas tree star; in a red mercury glass pail covered in garland; on an ornament hanging on the light fixture over the table.
Clockwise: In the warm fuzzy chore jar, trying on jewelry, leading a parade, in the wreath, helping the other dolls get to some candy!

This week, our big project will be making care packages for the Urban Bicycle Food Ministry. Autumn and I are going to hit up Dollar Tree, Walmart, and the Salvation Army for portable food, hand sanitizers, other travel size hygiene products, lotion, first aid stuff like bandaids, travel sized wipes, socks, hats, and gloves--not necessarily all of that but it's what I have in mind. I already have lip balm, tissues, and plastic ponchos as well as some snacks from Mike's epic Costco runs. If you'd like to donate items or money towards the purchase of some of these items, let me know!

This is the, as always tentative, plan for week three:
12/15: Make cookies for papa's work.
12/16: Go to Dollar Tree to get supplies for homeless care packages.
12/17: Send a card to a special friend.
12/18: Assemble care packages.
12/18: Compliments Day 2 (mama delivers care packages).
12/20:  Buy and deliver cookies to the librarians.
12/21: Notes/treats for Sunday School teachers.

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