Monday, December 23, 2013

25 Days of Kindness: Week 3 and the Wrap Up

Wow, life is crazy! I had a positive flu test for the first time so I've been resting and drinking lots of liquids. It's never a good time to get the flu but Christmas prep time seems extra bad. To be honest, between Tamiflu and a sinus cocktail shot, I feel pretty darn good. Good enough that I'm having to make a concerted effort not to overdo but I am so not complaining. That one night of almost 104 degree temps was ENOUGH!

Anyway, we're wrapping up our 25 Days of Kindness. Of course, the week never turns out as expected so here's how it fell out this time:
12/15: Make cookies for papa's work.
12/16: Go to Dollar Tree/Walmart to get supplies for homeless care packages.
12/17: Make thank you cards for the recycle and waste management crews (we also gave them m&m filled candy canes and regular candy canes).
12/18: Assemble care packages for Urban Bicycle Food Ministry.
12/19: Make cookies for Aunt Penny (mama delivers care packages).
12/20:  Make more cookies for a couple of neighbors and deliver them. 

12/21: Make a letter for Johnny at
12/22:  Finish Johnny's letter.
12/23: Help Papa take care of sick mama.

We have done some pretty awesome, thought provoking, and fun stuff this month. This has a been a great and, for the most part, minimally stressful advent celebration. I have to say, though, this brought the biggest smiles to all of our faces, probably because we mostly don't get to see the results of what we've been doing:

It was just so sweet of him to take the time to write Autumn a note when I know the waste management guys are so busy! This week was a bit of a mess because Autumn had another set of Nutcracker rehearsals and performances plus, on Saturday, I helped out taking tickets and had to be extra early. We didn't get to do the love letter for a boy named Johnny Saturday so we did it on Sunday. Yay for flexibility!

Tomorrow's Act of Kindness will be giving out candy canes when we run errands. And Christmas morning Jerry will leave Autumn a stuffed Elf on the Shelf so she can have a reminder of him throughout the year. His note is going to tell her to remember that kindness is one of the things God wants us to grow in our lives and to work with Mama and Papa to continue to do kind things throughout the year. 

As far as ongoing projects, I think we're going to keep up with the Memphis Interfaith Hospitality Network which is now Family Promise. I'd also like to do more care packages and maybe help prepare food for the Urban Bicycle Food Ministry. There are a few other things we didn't get a chance to do so I'm thinking we might do one assigned act of kindness every month. 

I asked Autumn what she thought about the acts of kindness. Autumn said sometimes it was easy and sometimes it was hard and she wants to do it again next year. Her favorite thing was making cookies and drawing things. The hardest was giving 5 compliments because it was hard to know what a compliment was and when to say it. I also asked her what she thought about Jerry bringing assignments, did she like the assignments or would she rather Jerry just be silly. She said, "Ummm...maybe both!"

I'm not sure Autumn gets it but I do hope that this is part of what helps us all continue to develop compassion and those fruits of the spirits that Christmas is really all about.

This will probably be our last post for a bit as we take a break and spend some time together. If there's any adoption news, though, I will absolutely update everyone! The baby hasn't been born yet so we're still waiting with, as always, cautious optimism. May your holiday be one of peace, joy, and hope. 

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