Saturday, December 7, 2013

25 Days of Kindness: Week Two Preview

I think I started all this for Autumn and ended up needing it for myself. Other than a moment where I was watching a random show on Netflix and burst into tears (Leverage, of all shows!!), it hasn't been a bad holiday season. I mean, I really miss Garrett. A lot. All the time. But...maybe by focusing on other people, some of the edge is taken off? I don't know. But, whatever it is, I am thankful.

Kiri Kiwi has had a cold according to Autumn.
The first week went well. It wasn't stressful although we did have to make some changes because of the Ice Storm That Wasn't. They canceled schools and everyone closed early before a drop of sleet fell. I think a lot of places were hit hard but in the south part of the county there was a whole lot of nothing. Just in case the second round coming through tonight caused actual problems, I decided to postpone the Sunday School teacher treats and uniform delivery until next week and substitute other activities.

Here's what we completed:
12/1: Finish Angel Tree shopping, wrap gifts, and deliver them to Mrs. Dede who will take them to the drop off point.
12/2: Make/mail a card for friend's grandfather in rehab.
12/3: Give a thank you card to swim coaches.
12/4: Visit thrift stores and regular stores to purchase (and then wash) uniforms to donate to Memphis Interfaith Hospitality Network.
12/5: At the school book fair, buy a book to give to a friend.
12/6: Be a helper at home during snow day.
12/7: Make a card to send to Mrs. Mary.

Using Jerry for the kindness assignments has been great and Autumn seems to be enjoying herself. My favorite moment was when Autumn imitated her swim coach, showing me what the coach did when Autumn gave her the thank you note. Apparently her coach squeed and put her hands to her cheeks like an anime character. And, one cool thing, when I went to the Salvation Army in Bartlett--for anyone local, it's a great thrift store-- it happened to be half price clothes day! I managed to snag about 12 uniforms that are in great shape! 

Autumn was Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons for Book Character Day in honor of the book fair!

Here's what's coming:
12/8: Shop for/make teacher gift (and Mama delivers uniforms).
12/9: Gather items for adult daycare drive.
12/10: Deliver daycare items to school.
12/11: Gather/shop for art supplies for Grown Up Christmas List.
12/12: Make cards for Grown Up Christmas List
12/13:  Put thank you card and treats in mailbox for postal worker.
12/14: Make card/treat for Sunday School teacher.

I think there are still some grownups on the Christmas List if that is something you might be interested in! We claimed two. One lady needs a coat and we got one at Costco on Wednesday when we were doing our uniform shopping and other errands. Another needs art supplies. I bought a bunch on clearance at Target right after school started so I have most of that. Same with the adult daycare drive items. Well. Sort of. You might not know this, but Mike is a HUGE Costco fan. He tends to buy lots of stuff when it's on sale and has a coupon so we have a lot of the items that Autumn's school is collecting for the adult daycare down the street!

So far, so good! Things will get interesting as Autumn's Nutcracker practices and performances get in gear and my aikido classes have their Japanese Christmas Celebrations (the preschool showcase is another story--what a disaster, hahaha) but I have saved some of the easier activities for those days. If your family is volunteering anywhere, working with any groups, or working on a project of you own, I'd love to hear about it!! I'm still open to new ideas, too!

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