Thursday, December 12, 2013

Our Twilight Star picture and some links

Back in September, CarlyMarie of Project Heal opened up her Seashore of Remembrance Twilight Star Names.
On very rare occasions when there is no wind at low tide and a clear sky at Christian's Beach there are the most beautiful colours at Twilight when the first sparkle in the sky appears. Twilight Star Names are only available a few days a year for ordering as I need the conditions at the beach to be completely perfect. These nights only occur a handful of times a year so please do not purchase this type of image if you need it in a hurry as the wait can be lengthy (up to 4 months). 

I don't think I've ordered any particular memorial art (I've made my own and I have a few things from friends) but something about this piece tugged at me and I was able to get on the wait list. 

Now that it's here, I don't know what to say except that it's lovely.

Since I don't have anything to say, I thought I'd share a few articles from Still Standing Magazine I've come across:
I resonated with a lot of what Carly says here. She especially articulates some of the difficulties of the changes in the grieving process. I'll probably write my own version sometime soon because I am still in the life after loss staging but I feel it changing to simply "life." This is becoming my new normal. And it breaks my heart a little at the same time I have hope for the future.

This article is a great start for friends and family who are interested in developing what Stephan calls mindfulness. Seriously. This is a pretty amazing list even for non-holidays.

This one is by a father also on the cusp of transitioning to a new phase of grief. Raw. That's really the best word I can think of.

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