Saturday, January 25, 2014

In Which I Work in a Hey, Girl Meme

My older students knew we were trying to adopt. When one of the boys found out that the adoption fell through, he asked me if we were going to try again. I told him I didn't know but that we'd see.

His face absolutely fell and he exclaimed with great feeling, "if you don't ever have a boy you'll lose your family name!"

I tried so hard not to laugh hysterically because, well, I am me and you know how worried I am about that kind of thing. But he's a sweet kid and meant well. I told him that Mike is one of 5 children. Three of them are boys. And there are already two boy grandchildren. The name is safe. But if all else fails, should Autumn choose to marry, her husband can take her name.

"You can do that?" "Sure, why not."

I'm hoping I don't get any irritated parent phone calls. I feel like this calls for Feminist Ryan Gosling:
There wasn't a "Hey, girl, I can't wait to take *your* last name."

Anyway, we're here! And we're actually doing pretty well. I've been somewhat unmotivated to do much of anything this week. It's probably a combination of disappointment, the cold, and taking on extra classes. But altogether it's a little disturbing how easily our life slipped back into "no baby any time soon" mode. I had to return a few things (diapers, formula, sister shirt supplies, winter car seat cover) but that's it.

We still haven't quite decided what to do next. I have a phone call to return from one of the options and I think next week I am going to make another contact. We haven't spoken to our agency yet although one of the social workers accidentally called us Monday. You'd think she'd pass it off as checking on us seeing we were still in the denial stage of grief and thinking something might change and maybe getting a phone call from our social worker would cause, you know, feelings. But instead she was all "oh, like, sorry, wrong number, kthxbai." Small thing. But irritating when coupled with everything else. Yes, I'm in the grumpy stage of grief!

I think I'm getting back to it, though. That might have more to do with the fact that it is above 29 degrees today but we'll see how the week pans out. I am a huge baby about winter. I cannot wait until spring when I no longer shock myself every time I touch anyone or anything.

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