Saturday, January 4, 2014

Where we've been, what's next, and a call for prayer

I hope everyone has had a fantastic holiday!! I'm trying to squeeze as much rest as I can out of these last days of winter break while dealing with the remnants of the flu and too much fun. While we were gone, we did this for three days:

We had so much fun at Disney World!! We went with all of Mike's family and stayed in a house not too far from the parks. Everyone else stayed longer but we had to come back early because Mike's work needed him in on Monday. I'm going to post more about the trip but to get back in the swing of things, I thought it might be good to post an adoption update since a lot of friends have been asking.

The baby was born on December 23 and there were some mixups and he went home with his birth mother. She brought him to interim care on Thursday, though, and he's with a fantastic family who has fostered for 32 years and he is their 80th baby. They are calling him Grant although it's a little hard for us to do so for obvious reasons.

We got to meet him Friday. We decided that his birth mother would join us when we met him so the birth mother counselor needed to be there, too. Although we made it home Sunday night, with some other births and all the schedules involved, Friday was our first chance to meet. He's adorable and chill and makes the craziest sleepy faces. And his hair is amazing and hilarious, not unlike Miss Autumn's was!

Autumn, May 2007

Right now we're in a waiting pattern. There are some legal things we need to take care of before we can bring him home. Please, please, please pray with and for us through this. You know we want this to end with the sweet baby coming home with us. We are praying that, whatever the resolution, it comes sooner than later. Other than a quick resolution, I don't even really know what specific prayers to ask for except for maybe wisdom and patience and love for everyone involved--the birth mother and father, our agency Bethany, and for our families. It's so hard to wait and wonder although I know that, regardless of the outcome, this is part of our journey and God's refining fire.

Here's more from our profile book. This time it's my family. Which also ended up being about Mike's family.

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