Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Notes from the Weekend

Early in the test. I'm so happy stabbing Don in the armpit! I had no idea how many hours were ahead...
1. I got my black belt!!!
2. It was amazing.
3. And horrible.
4. Bio Freeze is fantastic.
5. But don't overdo it or you'll shiver for like an hour.
6. Being short isn't so bad because it puts me on level with terrible things that don't like being hit.
7. The test took more than 4 hours.
8. The seminar that day was for 6 hours before that.
9. I had 5 ukes or attackers and they ranged from 5'10" and up. Mostly up.
10. The list of attacks had 60 items.
11. Once I just couldn't get off the ground but I finally did it.
12. Twice I almost puked.
14. My mom watched the whole thing and said she wants to fight like me.
15. No one has ever said that before.
16. The first half of the test was teaching theory and methodology.
17. Several people said that I made aikido sound interesting during my aikido presentation.
18. 10 people from 7 different schools sat on my testing panel.
19. I have wonderful friends in and out of the martial arts world.
20. The videos look like slow motion compared to how it felt.
21. I wrote a 4,000 word essay over Spring Break for this test.

I have so much more for later!

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