Thursday, March 20, 2014

Random thoughts from kids are random

Did you know kids are weird? After a very fun day at school and with Lainey and shortly after being all bouncy and chattering about the day, Autumn put down her hamburger and suddenly turned to me with her eyes absolutely brimming with tears.

Like this but older.
She said, "I don't want to die in the middle of the night in a tornado."

I mean, wow. Talk about random. And detailed. But I feel her because I used to be absolutely terrified of tornadoes. I'm still way edgy during potentially icky weather but--you know, I think I have written about this before. I just looked and I totally did.

Anyway, poor sweet girl. I think she was tired. We had a nice, long talk that covered everything from cats in tornadoes to the fact that we do, in fact, die and I kind of feel bad about that but I've decided that gentle honesty is best considering that her brother did pass away and she knows my dad is gone, too. We talked about Jesus and Heaven and that I really hope that I get to be so old that I'm, like, 3 foot 6. And the entire conversation wasn't grim or as grown up as I just made it sound. At one time I was holding her and trying so hard not to laugh that I think she could feel my chest shaking. And we might have discussed weather and general weirdness like whether or not there would be stuffed animals in Heaven. Too, I reminded her that it was almost bed time and everything is more scary when it's almost bed time!

Sooo, that was my night. In general it's been a good couple of weeks. We had spring break and went to the beach. I have photos from that and a wedding shower to share! I've been kind of out of commission because we have our big seminar this weekend with Chuck and Don. On top of the prep for an event and getting the house ready for guests, my test is Saturday night. I'm starting to get kind of concerned. I felt pretty good about everything last week but the closer we get the more I am trying not to imagine choking on the mat and forgetting EVERYTHING EVER. Hopefully next time I post here, it'll be to announce that I now have a black belt!

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