Friday, March 7, 2014

When Field Trips Pass the Cemetery

Today I went to an IMAX movie with Autumn and almost cried. It was Flight of the Butterflies and they have a Day of the Dead scene in Mexico where legend says the monarchs are the souls of lost children, come home to visit.

It's a sweet thought. Ordinarily maybe it wouldn't have bothered me. But when I arrived to hang out with the kids before the movie, Autumn told me that her bus had passed Garrett's cemetery and she told her friends that her baby brother's grave is there. Her friends had questions, wanted to know what happened. I told them I was sick and baby Garrett was sick and that's pretty much it. I also let Autumn's teacher know what the kids were talking about and what I told them in response.

I'm wondering if I should email some of Autumn's friends' parents to give them a heads up in case their kids say something to them. I probably won't but it crossed my mind. One of the other chaperones asked me if it was true what her daughter told her. She was really nice about it although I know that because Mike and I are so open with Autumn about what happened, it means some other parents have potentially awkward conversations with their kids, especially when they have no idea what or who their child might be talking about.

I don't know. I'm kind of unaccountably blah about things right now but hopefully some soup and pretzels and a test practice before Spring Break will help. Autumn getting home from school and telling me about her amaaaazing bus ride will undoubtedly cheer me up. Not to mention, she's ridiculously cute in 3-d glasses. I love this picture:

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  1. Ow. It never occurred to me that as much as this is "your story" it's now "Autumn's story." And, thus, the comparators for myself in Autumn's life, while juvenile, are no less concerned, I'm sure.

    When I was about four, my friend showed me a picture of her dog. Her dog had died like, three years before. I spent better part of an afternoon crying about that dog. I can imagine a similar response, even if Autumn, and her friends, are more mature than I was, both in age and know, maturity.