Thursday, June 12, 2014

Bachelorette Party Time!

I have a little bit of a wedding series going around Tamara's wedding. Last time, we visited the Ice Cream Social Mike and I hosted for Tamara, Landon, and their friends. I was going to combine my bachelorette party post with the rehearsal dinner but I have more photos than I remember taking! It looks like I have at least two more, and maybe three, posts.

Back to the party, I outright told Tamara that I am completely incapable of throwing any kind of wild and crazy party and that if she wanted a stereotypical bachelorette party, I wouldn't be offended if she wanted someone else to take it on. I also said I could plan a fun, sleepover girls' night if that's the kind of thing she'd prefer! She was up for it and I got to work. I knew I wanted a sleep over and because Mike had already endured two weekends of house guests, I looked for a decent hotel suite that would sleep 6-8 of us. We ended up at Embassy Suites and it was a great room with excellent staff.

At the last minute, I decided to put together a little bachelorette party survival kit. It wasn't too serious or big since we weren't doing much going around. I just put in some blowpops, the Vampire Blood hand sanitizer I had left over from another party, some breath mints, chap stick, and a couple of cute packets with "safety first" and "hangover helper" items in them.

Oh, and I put these in because I passed them at Hobby Lobby and couldn't resist. Everyone wore theirs all night so I'm glad I did it! My veiny hand and bony wrist is in the bottom, right corner. The better to injure you with my pretty. ::cackles::

Not too shabby for a hotel room, huh?? A couple of the other ladies pitched in with snacks and drinks and I brought a few movies for us to watch. Among the movies we chose were the last two Twilight movies so we could watch the wedding scene and make fun of the actors and story.

But before we did that, we went out for dinner! The actual dinner place was kind of meh despite a lot of recommendations. It just was more...hipster...than we really wanted. But we still had some fun AND Tamara got to wear her awesome bridal head band! I didn't want to do the usual veil or obscene dangly headband so I did some looking. I found one of these for an unholy amount of money on Etsy but Cheri came to my rescue and made this for me in exchange for some wedding shower items. Oh, man. As always, I got the better end of that deal!! How adorable is Tamara in this??

We had better luck at our next stop, the Frost Bake Shop which is also the place that made Tamara's wedding cakes. We had some great cupcakes in the cute shop. Here we all are! So fun!

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