Thursday, July 10, 2014

Home Study Update #3

Well, we got back from vacation this week. We had a great time at the beach but there's nothing to kick us into back to work gear like a social worker visit! Although we haven't been certain about what direction we wanted to go with adoption, we contacted a group back in May about updating our home study. We figured it would be a good idea to keep our home study current. When I first called the agency about an update, July felt ages away. And here we are at July.

And, look, it's a good photo of us!

I called the social worker on Tuesday to go ahead and start the process, expecting it to take a while to really get rolling. Oh, no. Not that I'm complaining. She asked if Monday would work for the home visit and we said okay. And then reality set in. I still have the debris from my epic playroom rearrangement. All of Autumn's party stuff is still everywhere. We just got back from vacation which means all the messiness of coming home. The nursery is where everything goes when I'm too lazy to put it in the attic...


It'll be okay. As of today, everything in the playroom is back to normal except for my desk. My mom helped Autumn get her room put together. The rest of the house mainly needs straightening and dusting after being empty for several days except for Molly. I started on the nursery and Mike is going to help me put various seasonal and garage sale things in the attic.

This is from June 2010. Autumn helped me install something yesterday. She used real tools this time!

The only unfortunate thing is while on vacation Mike and I made an action list of things we wanted to work on around the house. In order: get the playroom under control; finish painting and fixing the master bathroom (this has been a to-do list item forever but keeps getting bumped for items guests are more likely to see); change out the kitchen cabinet insides to racks and drawers; and begin making changes so the nursery can function better as a guest room. I started buying some of the supplies for these projects Monday because I had coupons and didn't want the projects to languish like they have the past 4 years. So, now I have to hang and install what I found so the pieces aren't just sitting around!

One other potentially interesting item...I'm hesitant to say much about this but we applied to an agency. I didn't expect to even WANT to apply to another adoption agency but we have heard wonderful things about this one. Unfortunately, no one ever mentioned it until we had already signed on with our former agency. Plus I didn't think we fit their infertility requirements. After talking to several friends, they recommended we go ahead and send in a preliminary application. We did and it appears we do qualify. I need to get a note from my former doctor confirming my diagnosis to include with the full application. This is easier said than done. Some of you might remember our sit-in where Mike and I had to camp in the office before anyone would give us the information we needed on whether or not we could have any more biological children. I'm currently on week two of attempting to contact the doctor about the letter. Hopefully it won't come down to a sit-in.

Even beside the doctor issue, we still have the full application and an orientation ahead of us. It'll be a lengthy process and has potential to fall through. We'd appreciate any prayers or positive thoughts you might send out way. We're staying chill because, well, we're going into this with a lot less innocence than we had the last time we started. But, if it works out, we'll definitely tell you more!

Update: I just heard from the nurse I've been working with at my former doctor's office! They are working on the letter and will hopefully send it to me soon.

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