Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Nutrition Journey, Part 1

Spoiler Alert: I'm doing curls with 20's in class now!

Back in May, I went to the doctor. With our home study updates, we have to have yearly physicals to make sure there hasn't been a major health change plus I like to keep an eye on my cholesterol. Our family doctor dropped our insurance late last year so it seemed like a good idea to go to this corporate physical, "prevention centered" place while we are between more personally invested doctors. We had a good experience with the group a few years ago. They monitor your heart and hearing, ultrasound your thyroid, etc. As a side note, my thyroid wasn't swollen.

At the time, I was in a fitness plateau and I hadn't lost any weight or inches despite eating around 1800 calories a day of primarily healthy food. My main concern wasn't about losing but it seemed like something that should happen as a result of the uptick in my teaching schedule. I planned to talk to the doctor about my food intake and the possible role of PCOS in my issues. I suspected I wasn't eating enough and potentially not the right fuel plus a gut is a pretty typical symptom of polycystic ovarian syndrome.

The doctor wasn't helpful although he was nice. He said I probably knew more about fitness and nutrition than he did and that if I just kept on the same path, I'd eventually see results. As for PCOS, he didn't seem to even register the question. I asked him about seeing a registered dietitian, someone who would know more about nutrition than either of us. The doctor said it couldn't hurt but that he would only suggest it if I needed a coach for motivation. And then he said, "You could drop down to 1200 calories and see what happens."

I almost cried. Twelve hundred calories was 600 less than I was already eating and I was always hungry. I was tired. I was grouchy. I was struggling through my classes. All I could see was passing out in the middle of one of the two hour teaching stretches where I burn through almost 1200 calories. What could possibly be left to fuel me through the rest of my fairly active day? And then the doctor started talking about eating cereal bars instead of nuts because calories and I thought, wait. I'd rather eat a few nuts than a processed bar...the whole conversation was strange.

Although I left rather deflated, I decided quickly I wasn't going to go on a diet. I knew that wasn't the right answer. I didn't want to diet, be it fad, crash, or otherwise. I wanted a lifestyle, an enjoyable lifestyle, something sustainable the same way I have maintained martial arts and fitness as a regular part of my life all these years. People often talk about our pretty house or my clothes looking nice. I'm honest. Neither of those things have much to do with me except that I know who to ask for advice and I'm not afraid to ask. I've had a ton of help learning martial arts and fitness. It was time to get help with my food. I contacted a friend, got a name, and made an appointment with a dietitian with experience in both hormonal imbalances and sports nutrition.

Up next, visiting the dietitian! And maaaaybe, if I am brave enough, I'll post my new before photos. Maybe. 

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