Saturday, August 30, 2014

Muscles, Medication and Mmmmmobility

I am participating in a hanging challenge this month. It feels good and I've been inspired to do some of the other exercises, like the beginner low bridge series, to increase my mobility. If you look at the hanging challenge link, I'm working on the passive hang, active hang, and beginning the stationary swing. Confession, though: I haven't made it to a full seven minutes yet because I keep forgetting to do my intervals. Because I want to progress to some of the other hangs, I plan to do better this week.

I wanted to try different bars so after I taught a strength class today we went down to the weight area. I didn't even think to ask him so I'm glad Mike decided to take a couple of photos me in both the active and passive hangs. With the photos, I can do some form correction. Plus...well...the photos are encouraging! I have some muscles! I am not the kind of person people look at and go, "hey, she works out!" And I never get to see myself in motion so this is the first time I've really seen the results of all my labor. My passive hang is above and the active hang below.

Aside from stroking my vanity, the pictures point out an issue. My left side is a little off. Hiked up shoulder, splayed out arm. I posted it in a martial arts Facebook group I belong to, where I first found out about the hanging challenge, for advice on how to correct the issue. I also asked if it could be related to my slight scoliosis. My friend Chuck thought it might be shoulder girdle tightness and posted a video with stretching ideas that look like they will feel good.

In other news, last week I had blood work done. It turns out that despite the healthy eating and the exercise, I am developing insulin resistance and my hormones are all kinds of out of whack. PCOS is rearing its ugly head! Or maybe genetics. Both. Pretty much every single person in my dad's family had diabetes. I assumed it was a lifestyle issue but maybe that exacerbated a genetic inclination.

I started a couple of medications and both are typical treatments for women with PCOS. I may not be on them forever but at this point I have no idea. I'll go in for more tests in six months. I am absolutely all for medication when necessary. At the same time, it's hard to admit that I can't muscle my way through this particular issue. I remember telling Mike that sometimes I feel like the message I'm getting from the universe is, "you can't do everything all by yourself," and I guess the lesson continues! 

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