Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wedding Countdown--Rehearsal Dinner!

Tamara got her wedding pictures last week! They are super awesome and I realized I never finished posting about the wedding. Today I thought I'd post some photos from the rehearsal dinner. I can't remember exactly how it all worked out but I remember mentioning to Tamara that if she wanted she'd be welcome to use our house and somehow or another that's what happened. I'm so glad we got to do this! I had a great time getting the house ready for the dinner. Landon's mom provided all the food so all I had to do was decorate! With some help from Lainey and Cheri, of course. We didn't have a theme in mind other than "pretty spring time." Tamara loves the color green and considered pink for the wedding so I knew I wanted to incorporate those colors. It didn't exactly work out how I envisioned. I did manage to find these pretty placemats at Home Goods, though!

I wanted pink tulips but I couldn't find them anywhere for a decent price. Guess what showed up at Costo the next week? TULIPS. The green, white and pink with the pops of orange looked better than I expected, especially in person. And they lasted forever. Tamara's mom actually offered to do the flowers for the rehearsal dinner and she got two cool urns and flowers from a show. Our ceilings are, however, low compared to more recently built houses plus we have chandeliers over both tables so the two urns would have had to go on one table. Unfortunately, the arrangements came up to the middle of the chandeliers, ha! A little adjustment, though, and they went fine on the desk/bar where we put the food.

Those flowers were mostly shades of white and green so I picked up some white roses at Costco to carry that look into the living room. I love these apothecary jars so much. I collected them from Hobby Lobby, TJ Maxx, and Home Goods as I came across good sales. I also bought our very first set of coasters since we were in our apartment 10 years ago! We didn't have a coffee table at our old house and I never got around to getting any here until this party. I found them at Pier 1 and the coasters look a little like the rug in the dining room.

On the other side of the living room, I had fun with my chalkboard! Except...I didn't do that for the rehearsal dinner. I did it for the ice cream social and just left it up for like a month. It's efficiency, not laziness! I don't know why but I look completely manic in this picture. Tamara looks adorable.

Cheri let me borrow one of the wedding arrangements for the dining room. Since it's set apart from the rest of the house, I put out my blue place mats and borrowed a burlap runner from Mike's mom, completely ignoring the spring theme. I like the burlap runner so much I really want to get or make one.

Lainey told me she'd take care of the outside flowers for me since things were pretty crazy on my end. I happily accepted that offer because, well, she's just better at that kind of thing than I am. Don't...don't ask how long it took me to make those living room and breakfast room arrangements. She found the table flowers at a local nursery and we put out 4 tiki torches. We borrowed the tiki torch bases from Cheri and I had no idea such a thing existed until the rehearsal dinner. The bases are so much more convenient than stabbing them into the ground.

Autumn is joining us for the last photos. She didn't come to the dinner but she wanted to wear the dress my brother and sister in law gave her so it worked out in case she was home when guests arrived. Another Lainey find, these hibiscus trees! I already had the pots and she came out and PLANTED THE TREES. Seriously. Best. Mother in Law. Ever. Also, yay, I haven't killed them. They bloom yellow on the edges and pink the middle. Gorgeous.

Last house photo--Cheri had a suggestion that I went with even though I wasn't sure how I felt about it. It didn't seem worth it. She loaned me some shepherd's crooks and told me to look for 4 lanterns. I'm hopelessly cheap but I groaned and did it anyway. I did find inexpensive lanterns that were also pretty (there were some ugly, inexpensive ones). After I set them Cheri was right. It's amazing how the lanterns dressed up the house. Absolutely perfect for a spring rehearsal dinner. I put two along the walkway in the front of the flower bed and two along the flower beds in front of the house with battery powered, flickering candles inside.

I think everyone had a good time. Tamara and Landon laughed and visited with their family and out of town guests. People ate and mingled. We met up in the living room to tell stories about the happy couple. And then everyone went home to get ready for the big day. Except Tamara. She stayed at our house since we had an early morning!
Best Man photobomb!
More wedding photos to come!

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