Monday, September 15, 2014

Year 34 Begins!

Well, today I turned 34! It has been an odd birthday. Another one of those years where I come to terms with the fact that my life today doesn't look much like what I thought it would look like a year ago. In some ways it's a silly thing because life is pretty good. In other ways, it's a legit bittersweetness. But, overall it's been a great birthday and birthday weekend. For example, this appeared in our bathroom on top of Mike's towel last night.

Autumn had PLANS with all caps. She and my mom gathered and stashed most of this on Wednesday, I think, and it's been killing her to keep quiet about it. Yay for discipline! I asked Mike if he would, in fact, wack her up but he said she probably wouldn't enjoy that much. She ended up waking up before he had a chance to get her. He said Autumn looked a hot mess with hair everywhere, ha! I wish he got a photo. Anyway, she set this up and went back to bed. First up, Autumn propped up this little bear against a box full of snowflakes she made and decorated. I'm not sure why the snowflakes but they are quite well done. The bear, incidentally, sings the worst rendition of Happy Birthday known to humankind but we still get it out every birthday.

Actually, that's not true. I get it out for Mike and for Autumn but no one has ever made a birthday display like this for me! My mom also helped Autumn pull out this birthday sign Cheri made us several years ago. Autumn added my little bear that my dad gave me when I was a baby and lots and lots of jewels. I'm rather impressed with Autumn's ability to balance the sign, bear and jewels without anything falling until Mike bumped into it around 5pm.

Molly wasn't impressed. After Autumn went to school, I came home to find Molly knocking the jewels down one by one. There is a hilarious gif of a cat sweeping things off a table but it has profanity in it so I won't post it. HOWEVER, if you aren't offended by strong language, here's a link. Molly was that cat today. Also, please excuse the breakfast crumbs and the tools and new oven debris (did I mention that our old oven irreparably kicked the bucket?) in the background.

Autumn was pretty happy with the execution of her plans. I was happy, too. And THEN Mike surprised me with lunch out, some really great Green and Black's Hot Cocoa and a super amazing looking chocolate bar. I got a grill for my every gift event for the year gift. Whenever we do something like that, I always asked for some kind of interesting chocolate and he always delivers! Thanks, Mike!

On top of a great day today, yesterday we had good meals with family. We met my mom at a brunch at this old, fancy hotel called the Peabody in downtown Memphis. When my mom arrived, we were so busy chowing down that I didn't get a photo of or with her! But while we waited, I got one with Autumn. My hair looks better than expected--I ended up pony tailing it because it wasn't cooperating.

And here are Mike and Autumn being cute. Autumn was so nervous about using her extra nice restaurant manners that she couldn't relax but she finally chilled out and had fun. I think spying the dessert bar broke the ice! Seriously, the brunch was great. I'd totally do it again.

That night, we met Mike's parents at a place called One and Only Barbecue. SO GOOD. We use them to cater all of our dojo dinners now, we like them so much. Autumn and Ellie were, of course, adorable. Man, I talked to Lindsay today and Ellie was all "'APPEH BIRDEH" and it was freaking cute.

Ellie's like, wait, she stopped playing with me. WHAT IS THIS I CAN'T EVEN.

So, a good end of 33 and beginning of 34! Here's to another year of learning, teaching, playing, working, happiness, sadness, and all things betwixt and between. I'll leave you now with a poem from our friend Ken...I got teary-eyed at the end:

You could have a happy birthday
And nobody would mind
You could wish out all your candles
And everyone would hope you'd find
A wonderful present
Even better than the past
And a hope for the future
Where dreams come true at last

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