Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Gym Adventures

Lookin' rough after class! Like my blood island shirt??
I waited a while to share this story because I wanted to make sure where it happened wouldn't be easily guessed. I have worked in three different church gyms over the last couple of years and the person I had this conversation with is no longer in Memphis. SO. I feel good about sharing.

Anyway, did you know that part of the interview process for being a group fitness instructor is an audition? I didn't, but it makes sense since I'm on a stage. I'm not very good at auditioning but if I ever apply to another gym, I might be a little better simply because I am more experienced at teaching. I don't know though. It's pretty awkward leading a class full of invisible people.

I auditioned at a fairly well known church late last year for a volunteer position. I needed some kind of volunteer work as well as the experience so finding out it was unpaid, aside from a few perks, wasn't a deal breaker. That audition went pretty smoothly--of course the no pay one did, right? I graduated to an interview with the person in charge of the youth and fitness ministry.

We sat down and talked about my life as a Christian and my testimony. You know, rough childhood, twists and turns of life, Garrett, how God has brought me through all of it with the help of faith and friends. I was baptized as a child but I was a teenager before I think I really understood what that really meant. I have found that this is fairly common and many people get what I mean.

Not this guy. After all of my story, he sat back and put his pencil in his mouth. He kind of sighed and said, "All of that is great. But, let's back up. You don't know the exact moment you were saved? Are you sure you're a Christian? I don't mean to offend you but I need to know."

I was absolutely dumbfounded! I thought for what felt like an eternity and said, "Well, if I'm not, I've wasted a good 25 years of my life."

We awkwardly ended the interview right about there.

They hired me, by the way. Whether or not I am still there will have to remain a mystery!

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