Friday, February 27, 2015

CTC Test Clips, Business Craziness, and other fun times

It's been a full couple of months! The Aikido school has been restructuring. The school that hosts us turned over the keeping of our books to us because our program has grown so much. How awesome is that? We have functioned as independent contractors for years so I have been applying for business licenses, hiring a cpa, setting up Quickbooks, and so on. It's been a good learning experience but extremely consuming. I'm not going to do anything rash, but I'm seriously considering closing my Etsy shop because of how busy I have been with Aikido. I've already cut back a bit on my fitness schedule but I'm still feeling somewhat stretched. Hopefully it's temporary and this will pass as the early paperwork starts to slow down. Anyway, here's something certificate is officially framed!

Wednesday was a crazy day. I subbed a class for a friend in the morning and then I went home to change and prepare for two presentations. I'm glad I got to teach because otherwise I would have moped around feeling nervous! The first presentation was with a group of hospice workers who have to travel to potentially dangerous areas. We did the awareness portion of a self defense seminar which is primarily lecture on prevention. It went well, partly because it was a great group who asked good questions.

After that, I headed straight over to an event at ServiceMaster honoring the Philippines and Pacific Islands and featured a few martial artists from around town. Their original Filipino martial arts representative fell through and the event coordinator happened to mention this to his hair stylist Don who ALSO HAPPENS to be my hair stylist. How small is this world?? Don said, "funny enough...I know someone."

I wasn't able to rustle up a demo partner because of the time of the event but the coordinator was excited about having FMA represented as well as having a female martial artist in the program. He suggested making a video and putting together a talk. So, I did! I used footage from my CTC test last March. Unfortunately, most of the video of weapon material was wobbly and unusable but I put a few pieces together and finished it off with scenarios.

I talked about my martial path and covered a bit about Filipino Martial Arts in general. I also shared how FMA influenced me and then showed the drills. We paused the video before the scenarios and discussed what a scenario is and the context...this test took place after a full day seminar and the test itself was 5 hours long. On purpose. They wanted to see what, if anything, I would do under stress and exhaustion. To quote my friend Shang, this tells them and me that I have answers and won't simply roll over and die.

They gave me a list of scenarios and I had to do each one against a weapon, empty hand, under continuous attack, on the ground, and the attacker got to choose one of his own! You'll notice we aren't throwing full punches because it was a LONG night and it shows good control. Mine starts to break down as the night wears on...note that I accidentally smush Chuck's head into the concrete at one point......anyway, check it out for yourself! Friends and family I showed the video to agreed that the scenarios were the most entertaining part so for the blog, I took out the drills and the fun part is left, haha.

The presentation was a success! I also raffled off some self defense and aikido classes so maybe I'll pick up a new student. Just as a side note, we are adding a new adult Aikido class to our schedule on Tuesday nights, 6:15-7pm. To celebrate our growth, for the month of March, new students of any age will only pay $30 to get started!

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